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    In an age where humanity seeks answers at both the cellular level and it’s conscious counterpart, Personal Health is rapidly becoming the benchmark as we move further into the excitement and unknown of 21st century Medicine.

    The advancements in Functional Medicine, the insights from Personal Genomics & Epigenetics, the shift from population Science to Personalized Health, and the wisdom of Ancient Medicines combined with Future Biotechnologies all hold an integral importance in our approach and understanding of the intricate art that is the human body.

    If you are a leader in Health & Medicine, we invite you to come and join us for the most highly regarded Personalized Health course in the world.

    The material, application and real-time integration is simply mind-blowing, covering topics such as:

    • Predictive and Preventative fundamentals from Ayurvedic and Chinese Medicines
    • Modern advancements in Embryology, Endocrinology, Anthropometry, Chronobiology, Molecular Biology & Neuropsychology that are allowing phenomenal insights into our behaviours, attitudes, emotions and threshold for compliance and sustainable health change
    • Advanced Functional Medicine disciplines looking into the Genome, Proteome, Metabolome, Microbiome, Connectome, Exposome, Sociome, Diseasome and everything else ome!
    • P5 Medicine concepts that integrate Phenotypology, BioInformatics, and Digital BioTechnologies
    • Future Medicine treatments including sound, vibration, energetic and electromagnetic therapies with consideration of Quantum Physics, Consciousness & Heart/Mind Coherence
    • Integration & Application of Prescription Epigenetics to influence Gene Expression and provide the ability to control our health future
    • Exponential advancements in Mobile, Wearable & Connected Technologies that are changing the way we practice medicine and engage with clients
    • Biology, Biochemistry & Science behind Quality Sleep, Improved Memory, Increased Energy levels and Optimal Health
    • Future Research in the Prevention & Reversal of Chronic Disease states
    • and much more…


    The most Advanced, Cutting Edge course on the planet, available today. Do yourself, your career and your brain a favour and don’t miss out on this event. We very much look forward to seeing you there.


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