Ancient Wisdom

  • What is considered Ancient Medicine?

    We have much to learn from the time-tested cultures of ayurvedic, chinese and other ancient medicines. With principles and philosophies based on personalized, predictive and preventative sciences passed down from generation to generation, the consideration of how the environment and lifestyle interacts with each person is of noble descent – as modern medicine is only now coming around full circle to consider this as a major player in our health and livelihood.

    Is there evidence for this type of practice?

    There are thousands of evidence-based scientific studies validating the basic practices of ancient medicines – from acupuncture physiology, endocrinological matched body typology and the electrical measurement of Qi, through to the more advanced converging applications matching organ dysfunctions or energy deficiencies to genetic and chromosomal mutations, ancient medicine is now well established as a science-based medicine and is gaining much attention in the modern medicine community.

    Why is this not used widely today?

    In our amazing discoveries over the past 100 years following pursuit of the question ‘Why is this disease occurring?’ we have created many more advanced technologies to help us truly understand the process of disease that occurs in the human body. This has helped us understand biology and biochemistry in detail like we have never known before and helped us develop specific interventions that can act to influence or inhibit abnormalities or malfunctions in tissues and processes in the body.

    And here we are in the year 2014 knowing this amazing information, but having lost sight of the real meaning to ‘Why is this disease occurring?’ which will help us find the root cause and to prevent these abnormalities or malfunctions in the first place. This has been the basis of the functional medicine movement, which is looking to revert back to the ancient principles and science of proactive preventative care while maintaining the advancements in technology that can assist with the urgent reactive needs of today’s disease epidemic.



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