Future Technology

  • What are considered Digital Technologies?

    The future of healthcare and the landscape of medicine is significantly changing. With the advent of electronic health records enabling doctor and patient access; wireless devices such as blood pressure and blood glucose monitors; smartphone attachments that allow an entire medical screening; wearable technologies that can track your calories, sleep and brain activity; and smart homes that can monitor your complete health, we are now experiencing the next generation in connected health.

    And with the exponential advancements in bio and nanotechnologies, we are now seeing innovative interventions in diabetes, heart disease, cancer and a host of other chronic diseases that are making a significant changes in the lives and health of sufferers.

    Why should I learn about Future Health Technology?

    From digitally regenerating human tissue to the world’s first personalised health app that measures gene expression – the advancements in our medical technology is astounding. But what does it have to do with me? The landscape of health and medicine is changing dramatically. Becoming aware of the future of health allows you to make informed decisions, and begin to shape your own health future.

    What is coming next?

    Strap yourself in and prepare for the next generation human machine interfaces smarter than the human brain; robotics that allow paralysis victims to walk; artificial intelligence that can predict your mood and emotions before you are even aware of them; sound, vibration, magnetic and electrical medicines that can eliminate pain and change cellular function; and holograms that can analyse your breath, diagnose your illness, 3D print natural medicines and infuse them directly into your body. Sound crazy? Well this is just the beginning!


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