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    What is Personalized Health?

    Personal Health is all about You! It refers to individualised, precise, relevant, specific, person-centric health. It encompasses all aspects of personal, medical, environmental and lifestyle interactions, while considering the entire mind-body-spirit interconnection and continuum.

    In it’s simplest biological context, personal health reflects your phenotype – the interaction of your personal genome with your environment and lifestyle to create who you are today – your unique self. You are different to your mum, dad, siblings and friends, and therefore need different nutrition, activities, interactions and engagement to truly thrive.

    Why is it important?

    Personal health insights can help us understand our internal health status and empower you to know exactly the right foods, fitness, surroundings and lifestyle to keep you happy and healthy.

    This allows us to focus on living as our body intended and avoid or prevent disease states from occurring. And when we shift our focus to measure how healthy we really are on the inside, rather than rating our health status on presence or lack of symptoms, we can truly create a change in the chronic disease epidemic for our future generations.

    How do I apply Personal Health insights for my life?

    There are a few simple ways to get started with Personal Health:

    1. Ask your doctor or health professional for a personalized plan for your health
    2. Utilise some of the advanced Personal Health tools available that can help measure your phenotype, or your unique self, such as
    3. Learn about yourself. Become empowered with the knowledge of what is right for your body to be healthy on the inside and the outside and take ownership of your own health to live a long and happy life.
    4. Attend the Personalized Health course and learn EVERYTHING you need to know from A-Z!


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      Ultimate Human Foundation UHF was founded to support and educate humanity about the phenomenal effects that each human can have on their own body with the vision of eradicating chronic pain and disease from the human race.

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      Invitation to Health Invitation to Health is an innovative medical centre on the Central Coast of NSW using an holistic and individualised approach to health care, to care for the mind, body and spirit of each of our patients.